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Stop managing people. We manage time, and jobs, and things – we lead people. If there’s a problem with your culture, develop your leadership.Michael Roberts, Founder IPM and Leadership Coach

Every workplace has challenges. Are your leaders up to them? Do they listen well? Do they get and give respect? What do staff say about their managers to each other?

Almost every workplace we go to has promoted employees up the ranks without providing adequate leadership development along the way. Nor do they have a “just culture” with consistently and fairly applied performance management tools. Too many organisations have the policies, procedures and performance appraisals but lack the “straight communication” skills to draw the line when people step beyond reasonable boundaries.

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Since IPM were here, we have had the most alignment ever (not perfect just on the way), the most change has occurred, safety has improved at little to no cost, people are accountable, and when they are not I have a method to use to make them and they have had the coaching to know they could have done better so it’s not an argument but more a conversation.

In the month since IPM was onsite, we implemented around $30k p.a. Savings alongside all the other improvements and happier team.

Trevor Price, Owner, Rowville Horse Trailers, VIC

Thank you for the excellent work with our training sessions and the SafetyCircle Program generally. They are the best-run sessions I’ve attended in my 19 years here.  It’s been a whole new way of thinking – and living!  Such a simple message – but so pervasive.  Your gift of engaging participants is commendable.

Well done – you have made it so easy for us all to enthusiastically embrace the program.”

Brendan Lennard, Senior Cultural Heritage Officer, Hobart City Council, TAS

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