Our Team

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Michael Roberts_edited
Managing Director, Founder and Co-creator SafetyCircle
Martyn Bradfield_edited
Director, Founder and Co-creator SafetyCircle
Oliver Bodak_edited
Principal Consultant, Exercise Physiologist and SafetyCircle Coach
Kirby Dillon_edited
Exercise Physiologist, Senior Injury Management Consultant
Richard Jackson_edited
Principal Occupational Hygienist
Ruth Sullivan_edited
Ergonomic Consultant, WHS Consultant and Trainer
Leesa Duggan_edited
Accounts Administrator
Oliver Fearman_edited
Principal WHS Trainer, Senior WHS Consultant and SafetyCircle Coach
Alice Gibson_edited
Business Services Consultant, IT/Web Coordinator
Geoff Howard_edited
Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Consultant
Gary Lebsanft_edited
Senior WHS Consultant, Principal Chemical Safety Consultant
WHS Consultant
(Occupational Hygiene and Environmental Science)
Business Support Administrator

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