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Engaging. Practical. Compliant. Enjoyable!

“If only all WHS Training was like this!” – IPM Course participant

Health, Safety and Management training is notoriously boring. At IPM, all our trainers, coaches and consultants run highly engaging, interactive and user-friendly courses and programs. We customise the conversations and scenarios to fit your risks and desired learning outcomes; so you can be assured of high levels of retention and effectiveness.

Our wide range of publicly available training courses and dates are listed below. Our specialty is in-house training, fully customised to your needs, your system and procedures, your risk issues.

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  • Why do you need WHS training?

    Organisations are only as good as the people you have running your equipment and systems. Providing your people with up-to- date, fully relevant, truly engaging training and development is a challenge for every manager, human resources professional and business owner/officer.

    There is little point in writing policies, procedures and forms without getting the understanding and buy-in of your people. Gaining alignment and personal relevance is a skill that many organisations fail at; and that eludes so many trainers. Quality WHS Training is needed if you seek high performance, safe productivity and compliance.

  • Why choose IPM Consulting for your WHS training?

    By sending your people to IPM Consulting training programs, you are investing in them getting high quality education as well as enjoying their day. Participants in IPM Consulting training programs frequently remark how surprised they are, “That was interesting! Not boring at all! I was engaged the whole day!” Not only do we have university qualified consultants running the course; they are qualified trainers with extra coaching in being fully engaging. Send your people to an IPM WHS Training Course and experience the difference – we guarantee it!

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“Content was good with participant involvement in the design of the course”

IPM Course Participant

“I felt engaged all day and will leave with plenty of useful information”

IPM Course Participant

” The best presentation of its type I have ever attended”

IPM Course Participant

” Just a fantastic learning experience”

IPM Course Participant

“Very beneficial – very good facilitator that used many examples and encouraged open discussion”

IPM Course Participant

“Incredibly valuable and timely. A real lifesaver that has provided clarity and a way forward during a difficult time. Prior to the session I was considering my future in safety. I am now determined to see it through. Thank you”

IPM Course Participant

“Powerful, engaging and informative training presented with real passion and commitment for positive change”

IPM Course Participant

“Created an environment where every participant actually wanted to share and be involved in the discussion”

IPM Course Participant

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