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A fresh approach to managing Asbestos in your workplace

Asbestos. It can be managed. It doesn’t have to break the bank. Asbestos risk management remains a serious concern for many organisations across Australia and New Zealand. IPM’s experienced Asbestos Risk Managers are problem-solvers and trouble-shooters. We assist you to manage your asbestos containing materials (ACM) at the lowest practical cost while meeting all the required standards.

Our people are highly qualified; not simply “Asbestos Assessors” or “Asbestos Removalists”. We are independent, scientifically trained, tertiary qualified Occupational Hygiene Consultants. This means our clients receive quality thinking on this critical WHS risk.

IPM has an on-call Asbestos Expert available at all times – to speak with a specialist Asbestos Consultant directly call 03 6244 2199.

Asbestos Identificaton, Registers and Management Plans

Unlike basic Asbestos Assessors, we don’t use a standard report to list where you might have asbestos. Using either an invasive or non-invasive inspection method, our qualified Occupational Hygiene Consultants will actively survey your workplace and work with you to develop the best risk management solutions for your organisation. You’ll find IPM’s Asbestos Registers and Management Plans are “best of breed” and easy to understand; so when you need to re-survey or renovate you’ll easily be able to manage the asbestos risks.

Asbestos Awareness Training:

Do you have asbestos containing materials (ACM) in your workplace? Do you have workers who work near or may be exposed to ACM regularly? Take our 10 Point Check to determine how much awareness you currently have of your workplace’s asbestos issues. Let us help make asbestos easier to manage in your work place by ensuring your workers are educated in managing the risk of potential exposure.

Asbestos Removal Project Management:

We are Tasmania’s most experienced and most qualified specialists in the project management of asbestos removals. From major projects to small but high risk removals IPM can ensure your removal meets the prescriptive standards of current WHS law. For instance, before you tender a project, it pays to ask our Occupational Hygienists what standards to write into your Removal RFQ document. Asbestos risk management liabilities are too important to just look for the lowest quote. IPM can also assist in planning the removal, liaising with asbestos removalists, scoping and tendering processes, as well as assisting in communicating plans to the Regulator, WorkSafe (or equivalent in other states/territories).

IPM only recommend the most professional asbestos removal teams available. This enables our clients to ‘sleep easy’ with the assurance that their asbestos risks are being managed well and according the strict Australian legal requirements and standards.

NATA Accredited Laboratory Services

In 2013 IPM became Tasmania’s first NATA Accredited Asbestos Laboratory Service specialising in airborne asbestos fibre monitoring, analysis and asbestos fibre identification in bulk materials.

Through the IPM laboratory and our on-site services our staff follow nationally compliant and independently audited methods in all our NATA accredited services.

Drop in any asbestos samples (in a zip lock sandwich bag or equivalent) at our lab in Mornington, Hobart or call to ask us how to take a sample and send it to us: 03 6244 2199

Please note: you can request that we send you IPM’s Asbestos Sample Bags for samples of materials you need tested to identify if they contain asbestos: please contact us at or call the on-call Asbestos Specialist: 03 6244 2199.

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Since IPM were here, we have had the most alignment ever (not perfect just on the way), the most change has occurred, safety has improved at little to no cost, people are accountable, and when they are not I have a method to use to make them and they have had the coaching to know they could have done better so it’s not an argument but more a conversation.

In the month since IPM was onsite, we implemented around $30k p.a. Savings alongside all the other improvements and happier team.

Trevor Price, Owner, Rowville Horse Trailers, VIC

Thank you for the excellent work with our training sessions and the SafetyCircle Program generally. They are the best-run sessions I’ve attended in my 19 years here.  It’s been a whole new way of thinking – and living!  Such a simple message – but so pervasive.  Your gift of engaging participants is commendable.

Well done – you have made it so easy for us all to enthusiastically embrace the program.”

Brendan Lennard, Senior Cultural Heritage Officer, Hobart City Council, TAS

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