Many Australian leaders lack the formal training they need.

Why don’t workers listen to me: Effective communication for young Australian leaders

Let's start with a fact: Australian leaders and managers are getting older. The 2016 Study of Australian Leadership report found that over half of senior leaders and managers in multi-site organisations are aged 55 years or older.

Over half of senior Australian leaders and managers are aged 55 years or older.

What this means is that a large chunk of the country's current leadership will be moving out of the workforce, and are being replaced by younger leaders. The problem is that many of these new leaders do not have the skills they need to succeed in their roles.

At IPM Consulting, we hear a lot of complaints that relate to communication. "They don't listen" and "we've been treated like mushrooms" are just two examples. To ensure that Australian leaders have the skill set they need, we offer a positive communication training course that might just be the boost you are looking for. 

Australian leaders lack leadership skills

In the same report that showed ageing leaders in Australia, researchers also found that many current and new leaders lack the skills or formal qualifications needed to drive success at their organisation. In fact, 1 in 4 senior leaders in the private sector do not have any formal training beyond their high-school certificate.

While Australians love a self-made person, this should not come at the expense of formal training. Be it positive leadership courses or effective communication training, managers in WHS and other areas need to ensure they have the leadership skills essential to success.

Some of the most important are communication skills. Being able to effectively communicate with workers, direct reports and other leaders is a key determiner of a productive workplace.

Communication is a central part of building relationships as a leader. Communication is a central part of building relationships as a leader.

Training to listen, training to talk

Leadership is as much about listening and learning, as it is authority and guidance. Listening can help create an environment of psychological safety, which is an essential aspect of an effective WHS culture – allowing people to come forward with queries, requests and improvements.

So many of Australia's new leaders lack listening and other communication skills. Not only can this hurt working relationships, it can also be a major organisational problem too. Take the survey from Hayes, which found that businesses often seek candidates with high interpersonal and communication skills – alongside team management, leadership and organisational skills.

Effective communication is one of the most important actions a leader can take, which is why IPM Consulting offer a positive communication training course for leaders. If you would like to know more about how you can ensure your workers listen to you, make sure you talk to an IPM Consulting representative today

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