Martyn Bradfield

Key Roles

Director and Founder
SafetyCircle° Co-Creator
Lead WHS Consultant and Occupational Hygienist

A founding member of the IPM team, and Managing Director for 12 years, Martyn is passionate about driving positive change in Work Health and Safety practices and culture. Martyn has a firm belief that getting “Everyone Home Safe and Well Today” is achievable. This passion fuelled Martyn and co-founder Michael Roberts’ efforts over the past ten years in developing and refining the SafetyCircle® into the powerful cultural change program that it is today.

Martyn is a straight talker with a wealth of knowledge and diverse practical experience, having grown up in regional New Zealand he does talk with a bit of a twang.  But after so many years living in Tasmania and contributing to positive WHS practices and culture across Australia we embrace his twang and the clarity he brings with his practical no nonsense approach.


Martyn has over 27 years’ experience in occupational health, safety and environment in Australia working in manufacturing and heavy industries as well as for the Tasmanian Government. Martyn has more than 20 years’ experience consulting in WHS, Occupational Hygiene and Training, providing a broad range of WHS services to organisations across Australia and New Zealand. Martyn’s interest is in making a difference to work health and safety so that everyone stays safe and well every day.


Bachelor of Science
Diploma in Safety Management (Occupational Hygiene)
Certificate 4 in Training and Assessment

Membership and Accreditations

Australian Institute of Occupational Hygiene
Safety Institute of Australia