How can IPM's SafetyCircle help you?

What does it take to create positive cultural change?

Ever sneaked a snack while your partner wasn't looking, or tossed a cigarette butt when no one was around? These little indiscretions might not seem a problem, but would you do it in front of another?

IPM Consulting's SafetyCircle is an approach that can engage workers and improve your safety culture.

In the work health and safety vertical, getting people to act in a safe and mindful way when no one is watching is a core component of an effective safety culture. Workers who are aware of their responsibilities and know how to act even when managers and supervisors are not around drive safety culture forward

What does a positive safety culture look like?

A positive safety culture is a major goal of most organisations. It's the basic assumptions that are picked up by workers of a company over time. The shared meanings and understandings of safety strongly guide the behaviour and actions of these workers.

Gauging the current state of a health and safety culture can be hard without the right methodology. In many cases, it's only unveiled when an accident or industrial incident occurs. What's more, a safety culture can be patchy, or unevenly distributed throughout an organisation. 

How can IPM's SafetyCircle help?

Good things take time, right? Over the past decade, IPM Consulting's leading safety specialists have been developing, trialling and enhancing an approach to safety that presents "ultra-reliable" results. We call it the Safety Circle.

With the ever-increasing demands of WHS in Australia, we realised that to cut through the complex paperwork, tick-and-flick mentality and the over-the-top WHS systems, you need an approach that streamlines people's thinking around health and safety. By doing this, you can engage workers, managers and supervisors, ensuring that their participation is genuine and commitment is real. 

The positive concept of work health and safety the SafetyCircle promotes is central to a safety culture where people voice their concerns and challenge unworkable processes and systems. The alternative is a workforce that is encouraged to sit down and shut up, where it is easier to sit back and let resentment fester than it is to make a difference.

If you would like to know more about the SafetyCircle, make sure you sign up to our SafetyCircle training course and learn how to better engage your workers. 

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